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Download Privileged Access Security for dummies here!

Aaron Pritz (CEO, Principal Consultant, and Co-Founder of Reveal Risk) recently authored a short book on Privileged Access Security sponsored by CyberArk.  The intent is to make this critical topic incredibly easy to understand regardless of your current knowledge.  Why is this critical?

Compromised privileged account/credentials have accounted for 80% of recent breaches according to Forester.

This book is to educate the average person about this topic covering:

  • Learn about the many types of privileged access used by humans and non-human automated processes Learn about data loss, compliance & audit and 3rd party risks
  • Secure privileged access across on-premises, cloud, and DevOps environments
  • Get started with a privileged access security project
  • Discuss ten recommended actions for securing privileged access
  • You can download here without having to supply any email addresses or contact information!

More on CyberArk’s solutions to solve this problem can be found here.