Finding effective, reliable, and experienced security consultants that are true partners can be tricky. Results can vary depending on the number of factors that are too big for consulting companies to control. We defy these odds and will help take your program to the next level. 

Risk Management

We believe you must reveal your actual company risks, impacts, and controls to drive prioritization and action throughout your program.  We help companies reveal their risks and focus their efforts. 

Program Strategy and Maturity Management

Whether you are building a new program or enhancing the current, having a solid strategy, risk and maturity assessment are critical to progress.  We help companies build or enhance their strategy and grow towards the right maturity goals. 

Security Architecture

Cyber security tool sprawl has plagued the industry, driving disconnected and sub-optimal solutions. You must take back control with tight processes and modern architecture.  We help companies align their architectural vision, integrate tools, and rationalize their spend. 

Privacy Program

Privacy has become a mainstream global topic with continuously growing regulations and various country/state laws.  We help companies rationalize, build, simplify, and streamline privacy efforts to manage risks to the business. 

Awareness and Behavior Change

Human mistakes and manipulation are responsible for most today’s breaches. We help you reach people’s hearts and minds through creative and innovative methods to get and maintain their attention.

Incident Response Planning and Preparation

You don’t want to plan for a crisis during the crisis. You must design, practice, and optimize to ensure when (not if) a breach occurs, you will have the best outcome for your organization.  We help companies optimize their outcomes when faced with major security incidents through planning and practice.

Insider Threat

Several studies have indicated most employees today feel entitled to personal ownership over their work. Insider threat breaches have become more public and known, but the risks have likely always been there.  We help companies manage the well intentioned and malicious insider threats. 

M & A Cyber Due Diligence & Integration Strategy

Acquiring or merging companies compresses the risks, challenges, and disconnects of 2 entities into one.  We help companies reveal their risks early in the process and form and execute on a solid plan to manage these risks or abandon the deal if the benefits don’t outweigh the risks.

Process Design and Improvement

Buying security tools, won’t make you more secure.  Process design and improvement is one of the most critical (and often neglected) ways to ensure people and technology are maximized for success.  We leverage deep process improvement skills to enable your maximize your team’s impact success. 

Fractional CISO/CPO and Executive Coaching

Cyber security and privacy are rapidly transforming as is your team. Get control of turn-over, culture, and organizational change through virtual CISO (vCISO), independent advisory, and coaching for your team. Our expertise and experience will help you lead your organization forward in an optimal way. 

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Prep (for DOD contractors) 

Reveal Risk is a CMMC Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO) authorized to consult with companies in formulating their cybersecurity program, controls, and compliance to CMMC. Thoughtfully building or enhancing your program to be “fit for purpose” and compliant to CMMC standards should be a primary focus before seeking certification.

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