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Senior Consultant Wyatt Wunnenberg is our newest addition to the Reveal Risk team. Growing up in Atlanta, he has developed into a true Hoosier who is passionate about simplifying complex problems and finding solutions. When he’s not solving puzzles at work, he can be found watching crime thrillers at home, trying to figure out who the culprit is.  

“I always try to figure out how [the movie] ends, but the greatest movies are ones that get me so [wrapped up] in the storyline that I forget I’m trying to figure out the ending,” Wyatt said. The last movie he lost himself in was The Northman, a historical action thriller.  

Though he appreciates a great film and director’s filmography, he also doesn’t discriminate – the man will watch any movie at least once. He always has a great time, whether it’s thrillers, popcorn, or “good bad” movies.  

“Trashy movies are great,” Wyatt explained. “Even if it has bad dialogue or special effects, it’s still fun to watch.” In other words, his enjoyment can also be derived from the movie’s badness. 


Beautiful tropical landscape on Providenciales Island in the Turks and Caicos, Caribbean

As a naturally curious person, he’s also developed a love for travel, having gone to cool places like Ireland and Turks & Caicos. He hopes to explore more places, like Italy, Spain, and Greece, though that’ll have to wait until his children are a bit older. Meanwhile, he’s content taking a break from reality with his loving wife and adoring children – one movie at a time.   

Cozy summer cinema with vintage projector in the evening

Below are his favorite movies listed in no particular order (because why not?): 

  • Sicario 
  • Godfather II
  • There Will Be Blood  

 Wyatt did not start with a cybersecurity-focused career. Initially, he went to school to be a physical therapist, but his passion for technology and solving puzzles drove him to pivot his focus to informatics and ultimately cybersecurity instead. Since then, he has applied his love for problem-solving, helping people, and implementing technology to different roles across the industry.  

 “I started in IT Audit in the Big 4, getting a crash course in consulting and advisory work,” Wyatt said. “Eventually, I wanted to apply the same solutions-focused mindset to help build something and landed in a healthcare-technology startup working in cybersecurity operations.”  

 Wyatt explained that Reveal Risk was his next destination for his career. Here, he can blend his experiences to assist clients in their cybersecurity goals. His love of problem-solving, helping people, and out-of-the-box thinking brings high value to every project. 


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