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Reveal Risk Celebrates 1 Year & Opening of New Office

CARMEL, Ind. – Recognizing the growing threat of cyber attacks on companies of all sizes, two former Eli Lilly veteran leaders and team leveraged their years of strategic and operational experience in risk management, compliance, privacy, and information security to establish Reveal Risk, a boutique cybersecurity consulting firm located in Carmel. This week, Carmel City Council member Jeff Worrell, OneZone Chamber of Commerce representative Ruth Pritchett, and other community leaders celebrated the company’s new location and inaugural year in business with a ribbon-cutting event and open house.

Worrell, speaking on behalf of Mayor Jim Brainard, congratulated Reveal Risk on reaching their one-year milestone and for providing a crucial service to businesses not just in Carmel but throughout Indiana and across the country.

“We started Reveal Risk to provide focus, rationality, and peace of mind to company leaders struggling to keep up with mounting cybersecurity risks,” said Pritz. “We serve clients with our nimble team of experts, all with deep corporate and cyber experience. We bring the right resources to the table. Our goal is to set our clients up for success with self-sustaining solutions – to ‘teach them to fish’ – and maximize the value from their investments.”

Cybersecurity is a several-trillion-dollar industry, and as our world becomes more interconnected online, Reveal Risk noted the following trends:

  • The vast majority of cyber attacks within a company result from internal players: 90-95% of the time, it’s caused by an employee who inadvertently responds to a phishing email; sometimes, the attack is done by a malicious insider
  • The cost of data breaches is up more than 7% over last year. On average, a data breach will cost a US company $8.19 million. Smaller businesses are particularly vulnerable, as a cyber breach can cause them to shut down completely.
  • Many companies are unaware of what being protected means in this decade. It’s no longer just anti-virus programs and IT patches. Information security is now a board-level issue spanning training, technology, people, and processes.


Reveal Risk provides a unique business model, focused on training clients so they are aware of the risks and know what protections to put into place. “We help companies prioritize what they should do, narrow down specifically where they are most vulnerable, and create customized solutions for their particular situation,” said Tim Sewell, Reveal Risk co-founder. “Because we have been on the other side of the table and owned capability delivery, we know what it takes to build and execute a sustainable, effective security program. We can help our clients end-to-end or wherever they need extra horsepower.”  Sewell knows thinking about cyber security can seem unsettling and even overwhelming, but he adds, as they say in the military, “Eternal vigilance is the price of peace.”


About Reveal Risk

Established with the belief companies must reveal their actual risks, threats, impacts, and current controls to make smart information security and privacy program investments, Reveal Risk provides a highly experienced and focused team with deep cybersecurity experience at an exceptional value. Reveal Risk serves clients in healthcare, financial services, pharma/biotech, retail, technology, and manufacturing industries in addition to non-profits and government entities. To learn more, visit today.

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