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This year, Reveal Risk was nominated for a TechPoint Mira Award (Service Partner of the Year). Techpoint is in its 24th year of Mira Awards, Indiana’s largest, best-known, and most prestigious technology awards.


Here is a little bit more on our story and why we are excited about our nomination. If you are a current customer, thanks for being part of our exciting journey.


Reveal Risk revolutionized cybersecurity advisory through depth and diversity of experience, streamlined cyber programs, and process support while maintaining technology-agnostic independence.


Reveal Risk (RR) delivers outstanding outcomes for clients by using a business-risk-driven approach that focuses cybersecurity programs on the most impactful activities, aligned with the client’s most important assets and information. This tailored approach (based on decades of corporate experience) generated sustained growth and consistent profitability without external funding despite the global pandemic and tech industry slowdown.


At its core, RR is driven to help cyber and business leaders focus their efforts, unlock the potential of their technology, and build effective cyber programs that empower the businesses they protect. To deliver differentiated engagements and tangible results for clients, RR focuses first on people, building a world-class team of cybersecurity experts. They maintain a high-growth culture where employees learn, develop, and thrive. By following this simple formula, RR has produced fantastic results nationally as a testament to what is possible in Indiana with Hoosier entrepreneurial spirit.


RR will continue to grow in talent, value, and volume of clients by maintaining its differentiated approach to building and improving cybersecurity programs. RR now has 12 staff with over 225 years of collective experience and completed over 320 successful client projects by the end of 2022. And the demand for high-quality and high-impact cybersecurity services will only continue to grow. RR is well positioned in 2023 and beyond to reveal risks and deliver the BEST (Business Enabling, Strategic, and Thorough) solutions and services for clients.

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