Information Security Incident
Response Planning and Simulation (Wargame)


Fortune 1000 company did not have a cyber incident response plan designed for their organization and understood that they also needed to build and test a plan to ensure it could be effective.

This manufacturing company was undergoing significant company change and restructuring, driving heightened cyber security risk. IT incident response plans existed but did not include specific cyber security response plan elements and hadn’t been inclusive of functions that would need to participate outside of IT. The company had not tested any plans that would allow them to improve their readiness and ensure the critical stakeholders understood what to do in the event of an emergency.


  • Built a tailored incident response plan that reflected their unique requirements and culture.
  • Executed an interactive wargame (a live simulated test of the incident response plan) that resulted in concrete lessons learned and adjustments to the plan.
  • The wargame/simulation was so successful that it was repeated twice for continuous improvement and training of new resources.

“This exercise was amazing. I continue to use the insights learned from both the planning and the practice. It gave us real hands on experience of solving problems and taking action, even if simulated.”

Corporate Legal VP (owned privacy and HR)
Fortune 1000 Company

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