Information Classification


Reveal Risk partnered with a Fortune 500 Life Sciences company to create a “business-friendly” action-oriented information classification framework that would drive secure workforce behaviors when handling the most sensitive information. The workforce and IT did not have a clear and consistent understanding of the most sensitive information and how to handle it according to its sensitivity. A Legacy information classification framework existed but never materialized outside of IT and security; therefore, don’t drive focused behavior change or enable the workforce to prioritize their attention when it matters.


  • Developed an information classification framework as a workforce facing framework/tool for determining the sensitivity of information.
  • Evaluated information types by function that are “highest” in sensitivity and examples of lower sensitivity information types.
  • Created Information Handling Guide (what tools/techniques the workforce should use when handling information by sensitivity).
  • Built plans for roll-out to the organization and integration with the broader workforce Awareness and Behavior Change program.

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