Business-Driven Risk Management


Reveal Risk partnered with a Fortune 1000 life sciences company to prioritize their top business risks related to information security (e.g., data theft, manipulation, or process/system impairment). They use this process to continuously focus their security investments on the most significant reductions against the most impactful risks. This helped prioritize focus and drive a multi-year cyber program and surface top business, IT, and third-party assets that needed the most attention.


  • Executed 22 business-facing workshops across all areas of the business over 5 weeks to fully articulate the company’s business risk landscape. Received very positive feedback for having focused business and risk discussions rather than letting the group get lost in technical talk.
  • Using the business risks, surfaced and prioritized the information and assets that could damage the company most if they were compromised, calibrated by relative potential impact.
  • Connected the highest business and process risks to “information assets” (allowing focus on critical business processes, IT systems, and 3rd parties).

“Reveal risk brings a proven track record of expertise and creativity that has empowered us to prioritize decisions enabling us to move on to the next set of challenges faster. On a personal note they have helped grow my expertise and security acumen. Reveal Risk will help focus on bring value from the assets and tools that you have. I have yet to work with a better partner in the security industry than Reveal Risk.”

Chief Information Security Architect
Fortune 1000 Animal Health Company

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