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Risk management must be the lifeblood of effective security and privacy programs.  However, often time it becomes parallel or an afterthought.  You have limited funds and resources at your disposal, so they should be spent on protecting the most important things with the most effective controls.  Risk management must be accomplished at various levels (from your risk management strategy, program, and specific assessments).  We have experience at all levels and can help you leverage risk management as your “north star”.

Business Risk/Threat Analysis

  • What We Provide: Many companies fail to take the time (or see the amazing value) of understanding the business risk landscape as well as pertinent industry specific threat analysis.  While classic information/data classification efforts identify some of the business risk, it often is not holistic to understand the broader risk landscape (covering confidentiality, integrity, and available).  Additionally, traditional focus on sensitive information also can neglect connected devices, products, and critical business operations.  We use a proven method to help you fully understand and evaluate risk so you can prioritize your limited resources and funding toward the most important things.  Attempting to “boil the ocean” in cyber security and privacy is an unwinnable battle.  Let us equip you with focus and increased reduction of risk.
  • Expected Outcomes: Clear line of sight to prioritized business risk (captured in a repeatable living process) and connected to an industry specific threat landscape analysis.  The ultimate outcome from this is cheaper, better, faster risk reduction for your company.

Information Classification Development

  • What We Provide: Information / data classification is an important aspect of information risk management as it ensures that everyone in the company knows how sensitive various types of information they are creating, using, or storing are.  If your workforce does not understand this, they are left either treating everything like “crown jewels” (taking up precious time and resources) or they don’t handle information securely at all.  We help you develop a framework and have the right business conversations to determine as a company what is truly important to your business.
  • Expected Outcomes: You will have a clear and actionable information classification framework that is deployable to your entire workforce.  This will allow the broader workforce as well as IT professionals to know when and how they need to take extra security precautions for select “crown jewels”.  This will ultimately result in clear action and accountability for your entire company as well as help you strike the right balance of effort on what’s most important to the business.

Technical, IT Asset, and Business Risk Assessments

  • What We Provide: Once you understand what is important to your business, you need to determine how secure your high-risk information assets and business processes are.  We provide expertise in helping you conduct assessments or build a process for you to execute and manage an ongoing internal assessment program.  Ultimately, you want to find the gaps before the bad threat actors do!
  • Expected Outcomes: You will have tangible assurance that you have designed and/or executed processes to evaluate, test, and confirm that sufficient controls are in place to meet your compliance needs.  We can provide full execution or help you build a process that you can operate and maintain.

Specialized Evaluations (ISO, HITRUST, NIST, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, etc.)

  • What We Provide: Compliance to internal standards, external control frameworks, and regulatory requirements are a critical component to managing risk.  We bring cross industry experience from implementing, assessing and auditing against numerous frameworks together to help you achieve compliance and assess risk in an effective and efficient way.  Adherence or compliance to any framework, regulation, or standard won’t guarantee that you are maximizing your risk reduction opportunities.  Therefore, we believe compliance should be efficient, so you have time to focus on the bigger risk picture.
  • Expected Outcomes: You have specific tested and confirmed control effectiveness results against appropriate compliance frameworks or business pertinent regulations. 

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