Program Assessment, Strategy, and Maturity Management

Whether you are building a new program or enhancing the current, expert partners in strategy, risk and maturity assessment are critical to progress. 

Program assessments and strategy refreshes are a good way to get an external perspective on your program capabilities and maturity.  Our depth of industry practitioner experience (building, assessing, and operating programs) and knowledge of industry frameworks (like NIST CSF) enable us to provide a constructive evaluation of your program strengths and opportunities, along with thorough analysis of how you can turn opportunities into action!  Regardless of where you are in your program maturity, we can help you meet or surpass your goals in reducing company risk and making TRUST and SECURITY a competitive advantage for your company. 

  • Program maturity management (baseline, ongoing maturity measurement and management process) 
  • What We Provide:  We provide significant corporate cyber security practitioner/leader experience to help you evaluate your current state program and performance.  We also help equip you with tools and techniques to manage program maturity autonomously  
  • Expected Outcomes:  You will know exactly where you are, where you want to go, and how to manage and measure your path to get there!  While we can provide an ongoing independent program maturity management service, we are most satisfied when we have equipped you to easily do it yourself within your team. 
  • Security, Privacy, and Risk Management Program Strategy  Development or Enhancement 
  • What We Provide: As experienced corporate cyber security and privacy leaders, we have not only built successful strategies, we have executed and operationalized them.  This end-to-end experience allows us to provide you with superior strategy guidance that you can trust will become real beyond slides! 
  • Expected Outcomes: Real world strategy based on significant experience that is tangible, achievable, and ready to be revealed in your environment.