Incident Response Planning and Simulation

Protecting information is a critical responsibility.  CISO’s face and feel a significant amount of risk in the event of a breach.  The CISO and programs that have a solid, aligned, and rehearsed incident response program are the least likely to be fired after a breach.  Additionally, companies that are well prepared typically have a quicker time to recovery and clarity on who does what.  This can help avoid costly PR blunders. 

Incident Response Planning, Tabletop, and Simulation Exercises 

  • What We Provide:  We leverage our incident response plan development, simulation, and improvement experience from multiple companies and industries to leverage the best ideas and biggest learnings to accelerate your efforts.  The biggest challenges in IR simulations is managing stakeholders and roles and responsibilities.  Working out any issues and politics proactively is highly desirable as opposed to trying to figure it out during a real security event or breach. 
  • Expected Outcomes: We will provide plan creation, updates, tabletops, simulations, and continuous improvement.  We provide dynamic and interest captivating facilitation of the simulation so your stakeholders (whether local or executive) are fully engaged and adding value.