vCISO, CISO/CPO Leadership Team Coaching/Advisory

Being positioned to afford, hire, onboard, and accelerate success of a CISO can be a challenging (and in some cases – cost/time prohibitive option).  We provide numerous options to help you move your program forward at the scale that you need it.  We will be transparent with you on needs, but work within your budget (or advise how to grow/optimize) for your specific business risk. 


  • What We Provide:  While we advocate for full time security leadership, we provide services that allow you to engage as much, or as little as you want / need.  This allows you to scale to your needs and as your program requires. 
  • Expected Outcomes:  We can provide the “right vCISO for your needs” which can be everything from standing up and overseeing your program to intermittent direction and leadership for a part time staff or group of external providers.  We will work with you to customize the desired outcome to your needs. 

CISO/CPO/Lead Team Coaching/Advisory 

  • What We Provide: We offer independent coaching and advisory to key leadership that are critical to making a cyber security and/or privacy programs run effectively.  Outside coaching and advisory can help leaders stay fresh, see outside perspectives, and get value added advice. 
  • Expected Outcomes: We expect that the leaders that we work with with have unrestricted access to us remotely with agreed upon on-site coaching and advisory.  We can customize this offering to your needs and the needs of your staff.