Architecture, Tool, and Process Design

Successful information security programs rely on a blend of people, governance, and technology to effectively manage organizational information risk. In the ideal world these three legs are balanced, providing a solid foundation for the security team. However, the reality of most organizations is that tools, processes, and people are not ideally deployed resulting in overlap, inefficiency, and gaps. Our systematic approach quickly analyzes your current state and provides prioritized actions that align your security program investments with your organization’s risk profile. We can look holistically across your program or offer targeted services tailored to your immediate needs. 

Security Tools Portfolio 

  • What We Provide: We have designed security technology portfolios for multiple industries and sizes of organization that ensure appropriate protection, detection, and response capabilities are deployed without wasteful overlap and redundancy. Security technology is often deployed reactively, lacking the top-down perspective needed to ensure alignment with the learner enterprise. While point solutions can effectively address specific issues, a comprehensive approach increases capability while enhancing sustainability and efficiency. With our expertise, you’ll get a vendor-agnostic evaluation of your capabilities along with prioritized, actionable insights to improve efficiency and effectiveness of your security technology investments. 
  • Expected Outcomes: We will help you inventory and understand the technology in your portfolio, identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements, highlight integration, automation, and acceleration opportunities, and develop an actionable roadmap that improves your existing investments and prioritizes your next investments. 

Cloud Security Strategy and Architecture 

  • What We Provide: Whether you’re just starting to transition workload or you’re cloud-first or cloud-native, the exponential complexity of managing security in the cloud requires new ways of thinking about risk, exposure, and response.  With experience spanning all the major providers and multiple industries, our experienced cloud security architects have the tools to safeguard your move to the cloud.  
  • Expected Outcomes: We will help you select and assess providers and partners, develop repeatable, sustainable processes for creating visibility and enforcing controls and standards in cloud services, and integrate cloud security technology into your existing program. 


  • What We Provide: We understand the unique challenges of embedded systems, operational technology, and SCADA security. Leveraging experience from aerospace, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and defense engagements, we will help you develop tailored security architectures that ensure the reliability and resiliency that these important business assets require while integrating them into your enterprise information risk management processes in an efficient way.  
  • Expected Outcomes: We will work with your engineering, IT, and information security teams to develop a comprehensive security plan that addresses your unique needs such as: physical and logical network segmentation, change and asset management integration, security testing, procurement and third party security, patch and vulnerability management, hardware security, incident response simulation and testing, security process integration, and escalation and communications plans. 

Threat Intel Integration 

  • What We Provide: With over ten years of experience leveraging threat intelligence, we have tenure and insights that will help make your threat intelligence capability a robust and core component of your entire information security program. In addition to using feeds and detecting previously unseen threats, we can show you how to use threat intelligence processes to manage business risk, inform critical business processes, and elevate your protect and prevent initiatives to address emerging as well as current risks. 
  • Expected Outcomes: We will identify and assess your threat intelligence assets, work with your stakeholders to assess their intelligence needs and targets, and develop an actionable roadmap including prioritized opportunities, partners, and technical solutions that will enable you to maximize your use of multiple forms of cyber threat intelligence.