Security Architecture

The technology component of cybersecurity is every bit as complicated as the rest of your enterprise. Thousands of vendors and tools, scarce talent, conflicting regulations and endless marketing (often based on fear, uncertainty, and doubt) create a constant feeling that you’re missing that one vital piece of the puzzle. Or maybe your organization has purchased countless tools with different owners, partial deployments, and redundant capabilities (and associated maintenance costs!). Our deeply experienced security architecture practice can help bring clarity to the chaos; enabling efficiency, focus, and agility while maximizing coverage and leveraging your existing investments to their fullest. 

What we Provide

We work with you to align your technology portfolio to business-relevant capabilities and develop experience-driven operations plans that ensure you receive the value you’re paying for.  We provide vendor-agnostic recommendations and support for RFP’s and other procurement processes (we don’t maintain extensive vendor referral agreements; and the very few we have are clearly disclosed in all cases). And we give you impartial perspective that cuts through the buzzwords & gibberish to equip you for discussions with peers, leaders, and stakeholders and build support for critical initiatives without defaulting to fear, uncertainty, or doubt.

Expected Outcomes

By understanding what you have, where’re you’re going, and what you need to do when you get there, we will help rationalize your tools portfolio, enabling you to target staff and dollars where they make the most difference. You’ll get clear, actionable advice on what tool, when, and how to deploy. We’ll also help you align your enterprise technology to your standards and controls, ensuring you’re layering security throughout your enterprise. 

Customer Feedback

Thanks to Reveal Risk, we went from 75 tools in the old architecture to 23 in the new one without losing any capability at all.

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