Privacy Program

Data privacy has become globally visible as a significant regulatory demand from numerous countries and states, with increasing fines and penalties for non-compliance.  That said, focusing on “compliance” to inspire a company’s focus on protecting privacy has resulted in many companies playing catch-up, not having scalable solutions, and creating processes that aren’t effective and add bureaucracy and delays to business processes. 

We believe that protecting personal information should be risk-based and aligned with broader data protection and cyber security efforts.  A more holistic strategy reduces duplication and minimizes changes as laws change and evolve.

What we Provide

We have corporate and consulting experience in privacy and creating synergy (not conflict and confusion) between cyber security and privacy programs and processes.  We combine Lean Six Sigma and Agile thinking to build or enhance privacy processes that are fit-for-purpose and aligned with your natural businesses processes.  Our offerings can include: 

  • Program Design 
  • Champions / Advocates programs to maximize embedded knowledge and headcount 
  • Data Inventory and Mapping 
  • PIA (privacy impact assessment) or DPIA (data privacy impact assessment) process design, automation, simplification, and execution 
  • DSR (data subject rights) and DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) process design and streamlining 
  • Compliance / risk assessments / audits 
  • DPO (Data Protection Officer) 

Expected Outcomes

We will help you build integrated, lean, and efficient privacy processes that keep your business productive and compliant.  We can assess, map and optimize privacy data processes and flows.

Customer Feedback

I have used the Big prior but continue to go to Reveal Risk due to experience, effectiveness, and total cost/value.

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