Insider Threat

Insider threats to information security have risen in visibility because the threat has increased and become more difficult to combat.  Businesses rely on their intellectual property and confidential information to maintain a competitive advantage in their industry.  The increasing scale of information technology has made managing insider threat risk even more complicated. 

It’s nearly impossible to build a cyber security program (and specifically an insider threat program) without knowing what you must protect, who might have access, how it may happen, and how to prevent, detect, and/or respond. 

What we Provide

We provide comprehensive skillsets and experience across multiple industries in building and managing insider threat programs for companies.  We utilize risk management, technical, and human behavior skills to help companies prioritize, plan, and execute on the best interventions they can use to mitigate risk.  We will help you evaluate your risks and current controls, and build an initial or enhanced approach tprevent, detect, and respond to insider threats that your company is facing. 

Expected Outcomes

We deliver a comprehensive analysis, strategy, and program to stand up a prioritized set of capabilities and processes to maximize your focus in mitigating insider threat risk. 

Customer Feedback

I wasn’t expecting to actually feel the stress and emotion of a simulated exercise, but the team did a really great job of making it feel very realistic. I will be significantly more prepared when we have a real security event
This [war game] was GREAT! Can we do it again? This was amazing.

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