Incident Response Planning and Preparation

CISOs have an incredibly difficult job in that they are responsible for something they can never provide 100 percent assurance on – securing the enterprise.  Regardless of the security program’s maturity level, building and rehearsing incident response plans is the one thing that company leaders can have complete control of before an incident occurs.  Understanding how an organization responds collectively and how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of that response are critical to a company’s ability to weather the storm.

Building and rehearsing good behaviors, coordination, actions, and teamwork are one of the few things that can make the difference in how a company is publicly viewed and how well the incident is contained. 

What we Provide

Our incident response planning and preparation capabilities are cultivated through our leaders’ experiences building and rehearsing incident response plans across companies, industries, and military organizations.   

Our response plans and preparation activities (including Wargames, Simulation/Rehearsals, Executive Prep Sessions) are designed for cross functional leadership to learn the plan, know their role, and practice handling stress and making decisions as the situation unfolds. 

The biggest challenges and mistakes in managing a crisis typically come from confusion, unclear roles and responsibilities, lack of communication, and unrehearsed reactions. Working out any issues and politics proactively is highly desirable as opposed to trying to figure it out during a real security event or data breach. 


Expected Outcomes

We will help you build a response plan, train your staff and leadership, facilitate a “war game” (iterative scenario based learning session to get practice and improve the plan), conduct full simulations.   provide dynamic and interest captivating facilitation of the simulation so your stakeholders (whether local or executive) are fully engaged and adding value. 

Customer Feedback

I wasn’t expecting to actually feel the stress and emotion of a simulated exercise, but the team did a really great job of making it feel very realistic. I will be significantly more prepared when we have a real security event
This [war game] was GREAT! Can we do it again? This was amazing.

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