About Reveal Risk

We Believe…
You have to reveal your actual company risks, impacts, and controls, before making significant information security and privacy program investments.  Without this, companies overspend, dilute their span of focus, underperform to goals commitments, and become burdened with high turnover (at all level of the organization).  We believe in helping leaders prevent getting distracted and spread thin with the volumes of technologies, tools, and priorities that much is started, and little is finished.  

Our Differentiated Value: 

Reveal Risk bridges the experience gap with premium resources that have a minimum of 15+ years in key corporate information security and privacy roles (the average is 20 years).   Our experts know how to get things done within companies and all have significant breadth and depth to help you see and solve large challenges that you face.  We are not encumbered with multiple layers of consulting managers, directors, partners, and staff pricing schemes.   

Our experience in your corporate shoes, coupled with our lean expert staffing model ensures efficiency and effectiveness in meeting your needs.  Using this differentiated model, Reveal Risk will help you solve your information security challenges with sustainable solutions at a transparent, affordable price.  We also have full cybersecurity domain coverage (people, process, technology; strategy & execution) as well as broad industry experience (defense, healthcare, Pharma, manufacturing, sales and marketing, energy). We strive to produce solutions that maximize your investment, value, and outcomes within your business (not sell you on a subsequent implementation project or give you just enough value to pay for the next project – “to be continued” consulting)

Why choose us?

Industries we serve


Cyber risks in healthcare extend far beyond HIPAA compliance. The volume of healthcare-targeted cyberattacks (especially ransomware) has significantly risen in recent years as has the number of connected devices providing patient care, all while cost pressures continue.

Financial Services

Criminals have always targeted banks because “that’s where the money is.” The modern financial system with thousands of partners means that the risk extends well beyond banks to include processors, intermediaries, and service providers that have been historically safe.

Pharma / Biotech

Pharmaceutical and Biotech face a trifecta of existential business risks with significant cyber components: intellectual property theft (which usually represents more value than the raw ingredients themselves), manufacturing disruption, and compromise of clinical trial data.


Retail has come a long way from the cash-for-goods transaction of old. Modern retailers deal with massive supply chains, point-of-sale malware, huge volumes of customer data, and distributed infrastructure, all while satisfying consumer demand for instant gratification.


Technology companies face a rapidly-changing landscape of partners and competitors and must deal with both risk to their own intellectual property and brand as well as the large volume of customer and consumer information they handle.


The rise of Industry 4.0 and the connected plant is sparking a revolution in manufacturing. Industrial control (SCADA) and operational technology is more networked than ever before, creating new categories of risk

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